Smithsonian Dinosaur Exhibit

Fast Look Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History New Dinosaur Exhibit

Smithsonian Dinosaur Exhibit

Your Journey into Deep Time is a great experience. The Smithsonian has taken old family favorites and refreshed it into a great experience.  If you have kids young and older who love fossils and geology this is going to be their top Summer experience.  Not only has the Smithsonian kept old favorites they have added more fossil examples and more interactions. 

Instead of just one bird fossil you will see five bird fossils. You will see dinosaurs’ bones not just standing around but in action. They also have cute miniature cases which will please anyone that is a fan of creating models.  Any student at any grade level would greatly benefit visiting this exhibit to further their own education.   And, rounding out the experience they have included an exhibit regarding Global Warming featuring how we are changing the planet. 

What to Expect


  • Expect long lines going into the building this Summer.
  • Wear sunscreen because that sun is not forgiving while you are standing in line.
  • Be impressed with how big the Museum is because that bunch of people that you were waiting in line will not overcrowd the place.
  • The food has improved greatly along with the cost.  Who can beat a well-made pizza?
  • There is a second food stop in the Museum called the Ocean Terrace Café.  This is located right next to the glass elevators on the first floor next to the Ocean Exhibit.  This Café offers tasteful sandwiches, glasses of wine, and good vegan options.
  • Expect to see more fossils, videos, and detailed descriptions. 


So please include this Museum into your Washington, DC Family Vacation Package. 


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