Adriana Dunn

Adriana serves as the curator of the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center. Prior to this, she completed her Bachelor of Arts at Central Connecticut State University, with a major in Anthropology and minors in History and Archaeology. She also completed my Master of Arts at the University of Memphis in Art History and a Museum Studies Certificate. She has always had a deep appreciation for art history and material culture. Her professional and personal interests include cultural heritage, collections management, and art and archaeology of the ancient Mediterranean world.
Upper Portion of a Blue-painted Hathor Jar
Classical Art
Adriana Dunn

The Symbolism of Egyptian Blue-Painted Pottery

Dynasty 18 (ca. 1550/1549 to 1292 BCE) of the New Kingdom marks the “Golden Age” of ancient Egypt. The Upper and Lower kingdoms were reunified, resulting in an exuberant amount of wealth, prosperity, and growth.

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