Emily Burkhart

Emily Burkhart is an art history graduate from Oakland University. She is passionate about the Michigan art scene, women artists, and women’s inclusion in museum spaces.
Self Portrait Marie Bracquemond
French Impressionism
Emily Burkhart

The Life of Marie Bracquemond

The artist Marie Bracquemond (1840-1916) remains obscure though referred to in 1928 as one of the “les trois grandes dames”  (the three great ladies) of the Impressionist movement by the French art historian Henri Focillon

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Harriet Goodhue Hosmer
Women Artist
Emily Burkhart

The Unconventional Life of Harriet Hosmer

“Creativity takes courage,” the French artist Henri Matisse once declared. That certainly describes the experience of the American Neoclassical sculptor and feminist, Harriet Hosmer (1830-1908). Known as the first female professional sculptor, much of Hosmer’s

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Portrait of Samuel Adams

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