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Watercolors of John Singer Sargent Art Tour

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Embark on a captivating two-hour journey through the world of John Singer Sargent's watercolors, an integral part of his artistic legacy that transcends mere travel records to become a cornerstone of his oeuvre. This meticulously curated art tour delves into the essence of Sargent's watercolor works, showcasing how this medium allowed him the freedom to paint swiftly and with minimal materials, enabling his creativity to flourish both during his travels and in the great outdoors, en plein air.


Discover the breadth of Sargent's mastery in watercolor techniques, from his experimental use of wet washes, sponges, and brushes, to his innovative methods of leaving white paper exposed, scratching the surface for texture, and employing wax resists. Witness his skill in overdrawing with graphite and accentuating details with bright white paint, each piece a testament to his daring and exploratory spirit.

The tour highlights Sargent's architectural and sculptural subjects, revealing the meticulous underdrawings in graphite that lie beneath the swiftly executed watercolor layers. Through close-ups, croppings, and the use of unusual angles and perspectives, Sargent's watercolors reflect a modern aesthetic that was ahead of its time, offering a fresh lens through which to view the world.

Trace the evolution of Sargent's career and style through his watercolors, from his early atmospheric sketches and tonalist French works, characterized by a limited color palette, to his later pieces that boast looser brushstrokes and an impressionist flair. These works not only illustrate Sargent's changing artistic vision but also his unparalleled ability to capture and manipulate light.

Post-1900, Sargent's watercolors became a source of personal joy and a respite from the rigors of formal oil portraiture, reflecting a more intimate and liberated facet of his artistry. The tour also pays homage to Sargent's enduring legacy and his close relationships with museums, such as the MFA Boston, which have preserved and showcased his works for future generations to admire.

With the largest and most significant collections of Sargent's watercolors housed at the MFA Boston and the Brooklyn Museum, this tour offers an unparalleled insight into the depth and diversity of Sargent's watercolor works, celebrating the enduring impact of his art on the world. Join us on this immersive art tour and experience the beauty and brilliance of John Singer Sargent's watercolors, a true highlight of his illustrious career.

Enriching Conversations Await: 

Stay for the optional post-tour discussion with our expert. Delve deeper into Sargent's world, share your insights, and engage in thought-provoking conversations surrounded by his timeless artworks and pictures.

Essential Information for a Seamless Experience with Sargent's Paintings:

  • This artistic adventure unfolds via Zoom. Ensure you have the Zoom app downloaded on your chosen device.
  • A stable Wi-Fi connection is imperative for uninterrupted immersion.
  • Watch on your computer, tablet, iPhone, or TV for varying degrees of visual splendor.
  • Your Zoom link will be emailed on the morning of the tour. For assistance, reach out to our organizer.
  • Arrive early to troubleshoot any technical concerns, ensuring a glitch-free journey.
  • Need to reschedule? Email us in advance to transfer your ticket to a preferred date.

Experience Sargent in Real-Time: Please note that our tours are live and not recorded, respecting the copyrights of the showcased artworks. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of Sargent's creations and discover the depth of his art through exquisite pictures.

Elevate your artistic awareness with this unparalleled virtual encounter. Reserve your spot now for a transformative journey through the artistic tapestries of Sargent's world, enriched with captivating images of his artistry.

Your Art Historian Shayla Croteau

Shayla holds an MA in Art History from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, where she specialized in Renaissance and Baroque art. Prior to graduate school, she studied in Michigan State University’s Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, where she became passionate about museum studies and civic engagement. Today, she has returned to Michigan and works as the Art Registrar and an Educator at the Michigan State Capitol Building. In her free time, Shayla enjoys studying languages, hot yoga, and spending time with her two cats.  

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