Welcome to the Dutch Golden Age with our live online two-hour virtual tour. What we will see from this delightful collection are hanging on wood-paneled walls of art paintings of famous still lifes, luscious flower arrangements, table settings of decadent meals, charming day-to-day life, sea ships, and sea escapades, and luxurious estates. Our journey begins in 1588 as the Dutch left the rule of Phillip II of Spain and start to chart their own course. There is a meteoric rise in trade, science, and especially art until the “Disaster Year” of 1672. We will explore what we can learn from the art of the period about the lands currently known as the Netherlands, as well as parts of Belgium and Luxembourg. A few of the Dutch Golden Age artists that we will see are Aelbert Cuyp, Lodolph Backhuysen, Johannes Vermeer, Frans Hals, Rembrandt, Pieter de Hooch, and Hendrick Avercamp.


Your art tour will be conducted through the Zoom App. Listed times are Eastern Time Zone. 

How to Join

Your live Zoom link will be emailed to you the morning of your art tour. If you do not receive your Zoom link, please contact the organizer.

Legal Disclosure

The art tours are not recorded due to copyright laws.

What Customers Say About Our Tour

 Excellent virtual presentation on Dutch Golden Age art yesterday. Great way to spend a couple of hours !

Ian Rosengarten

I really enjoyed Rebecca's presentation on Dutch Masters. She has expertise in multiple areas including history. I appreciated that she placed the art in the context of events of their time. Highly recommend!!

Elizabeth Marshall

Rebecca did a great job leading the Dutch golden age art tour. I didn’t know what to expect because sometimes these things aren’t all that good but she held my interest for two solid hours with a few minutes left over. She gave a nice historical background that helped me to understand the times and added a lot of commentary that was very meaningful to me. I am not an art expert. However I am always drawn to Dutch art and now because of Rebecca I am going to research and know a lot more about what I’m looking at. I hope she offers more tours because I will definitely be there. Thank you!

Cynthia Crail