Vincent van Gogh Art Tour

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Experience pure joy with Vincent van Gogh.

Embark on a journey through the colorful world of Vincent van Gogh with our expertly curated virtual art tour. Experience over 100 vibrant paintings of this beloved artist in from your cozy spot as we guide you through some of the most iconic museums and galleries in the world. Immerse yourself in the beauty of his masterpieces, learn about his life and artistic process, and gain a deeper appreciation for the incredible impact he had on the art world. Book your Vincent van Gogh art tour today and discover the magic of his paintings firsthand.

  • You will access a wider range of artwork: One of the biggest advantages of our virtual art tour is that you can explore a wider range of artwork from the comfort of your own home. This means you can see works from different museums and galleries all over the world without having to travel.

  • All participants are invited to attend an optional chat with our art historian expert Rebecca Howland at the end of your art tour. You can gain more immersive and engaging experience.


You will begin the journey by delving into Vincent van Gogh's early works and uncovering the foundations of his iconic style.

Our exploration of Van Gogh's residency in Paris and Arles will offer a unique perspective on his health and mental well-being, drawing on theories from leading Art Historians

As your experience draws to a close, we'll examine the circumstances surrounding Van Gogh's untimely death and reflect on the enduring significance of his work.

What You Need to Know!

  • This art tour is conducted through Zoom. You must have Zoom downloaded onto your device.  You must ensure you have uninterrupted Wi-Fi on your device. You may watch your art tour on your computer, tablet, iPhone, or Television Set. Better views are with large screens.
  • Once you have registered for the tour you will be sent a separate email with your Zoom link on the morning of your tour. If you do not see your Zoom link one hour before the start of the tour, please contact the organizer.
  • Please log in before the start of the tour to make sure you do not have any issues. If you are having issues and need help, contact the organizer at (202) 294-4264 or diane @
  • Need to transfer your ticket? Just email us before the start of your tour with your preferred date.
  • Our tours are all live and not recorded due to copyrights of some of the artwork.

About Rebecca Howland


 My name is Rebecca Howland and I graduated from California State University of Bakersfield with my bachelor's in art history and graduated from California State University of Northridge with my master's in history. I am currently residing in the greater Houston area working as an educational program developer at the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts. I enjoy using my background in education to encourage others to learn more about the arts and history in order to apply that knowledge in their everyday life. I am excited to share my passion, knowledge, and experiences with all of you on my tours!