Virtual Monet Art Tour Part I

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Bring Claude Monet into Your World at Home

Enjoy access to our extensive Claude Monet (1840 – 1926) Art collection spanning over 100 paintings (1855 - 1885).  You will see his art from when he was a student, struggling to become an established artist, and when he finally becomes the well-established artist.  

  • Live Art Tour 
  • Art Historian
  • Two-hour presentation
  • Casual Discussion at the end of the presentation

Elevate your day with Monet's inspirational landscapes, flowers in bloom, portraits, and city scenes. 

Watch French culture transformed through the lens of his art works, historical facts, art history, and societal norms. View how Monet felt about new technology and new ideals that began during this time. 

Discover Monet's Famous Paintings Along with His Less Familiar Ones

You will explore select Monet paintings sourced from top museums and private collections around the world. We have balanced our collection with well-known famous paintings along with rarely publicly viewed ones.  

About Our Guide


Sarah Barbosa

Sarah Barbosa

Sarah has a rich background in art that brings depth and acumen to her tours. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Illustration with an emphasis in Fine Art from Indiana Wesleyan University. After spending time abroad in France studying Baroque art and the French Impressionists, Sarah moved on to become a practicing fine artist and illustrator. Whether you are an art aficionado or this is your first foray into a museum tour, Sarah loves using her experience and insight to delight guests of all backgrounds and interests.


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About the Images

All images are curated for the best qualty and accuracy of tone, hues, and saturation. We want you to see what you would see if you were able to stand in front of the painting.

Legal Talk

Our tours are all live and not recorded due to copyrights of some of the art work.