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Online Museum Art Tours

Take a virtual tour of an art museum from the comfort of your own home. Explore famous artworks and exhibitions without leaving your couch.

Experience Art Without Boundaries With an Online Art Museum Tour

Our art tours allow individuals to transcend geographical boundaries and experience art from top museums, private collections, and different global locations.

Any anywhere from all over the world to easily access and enjoy art.

No matter where you are, our platform brings world-class art collections to you. Perfect for those who can't travel or find traditional museum visits challenging. We desire to have art excursions accessible to everyone. Our company has created a digital museum of art dedicated to Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Dutch Masters' Art, John Singer Sargent, and Mary Cassatt.

  • This Sunday

    Dutch Masters' Art Tour with Rebecca Howland at 12:00 PM Eastern Time. Experience both the men and women artists from the Dutch Golden Age of Art. The duration of the art tour is two hours.

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  • This Sunday

    John Singer Sargent Art Tour with Shayla Croteau Starting at 5:00 Noon PM Eastern Time. The duration of the art tour is two hours. We will explore Sargent's life by experiencing both his paintings and watercolors.

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Your Choice Live or On Demand

Immerse yourself in the creative universe of your favorite famous artists, discovering hidden facets of their extraordinary talent. Join us for a journey, highlighting both celebrated and obscure masterpieces. Our art tours stand out by offering more art, more art history, and more anecdotes, unlike the typical art tours that only give less than 50 masterpieces.

Expect an experience akin to visiting an art and cultural museum, complete with a knowledgeable guide to lead the way.

Delve into the world of French Impressionism with the likes of Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, and Vincent Van Gogh. Travel back to appreciate the genius of the Dutch Masters.

Newest & Most Popular Art Tours

  • Famous Artwork - Virtual Art Tours

    Well Researched

    Every tour story is genuine, well-researched, and authentic with over 50 hours dedicated to researching each artist. Our guides have their degrees from top Universities.

  • Famous Artwork - Virtual Art Tours

    Genuine experiences

    Art is accessible and inspiring for everyone. Our guides don’t just read from a script, they have an extensive knowledge and background to enable them to have conversations in art.

  • Famous Artwork - Virtual Art Tours

    More Focused

    Dive deep into the world of your favorite artists and uncover layers of their brilliance. A two-hour art tour will show you well-known artworks along with lesser-known pieces -- more than our competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Art Tours

Why do you need my email?

With your email address, we can send you the Zoom link for the virtual art tour .We do have a privacy policy see below or click here.

Can I transfer my ticket to a new date?

Yes, just let us know before the start of your virtual art tour.

What if I need to cancel?

Yes, you may but please contact us before the start of your art tour.

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