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Top Women Street Artists

Here are our top women street artists picks for the month. This list encompasses women street artists from a diverse group. These bold women thumb their noses at safety, society norms, and the art galleries circle. due to the tendency of artists to paint during the night, and in out of the way locations these women have nerves of steal. Street art continues to gain mainstream acceptance and find its way into the art galleries circle. And, women artists are beginning to find success and gain lucrative commissions.

Top Female Street Artist

Christina Angelinae

Los Angeles-based artist Christina Angelina is both a fine artist and street artist, as well as a photographer and video producer. She also goes by the name “Starfighter,” a pseudonym she earned during her years creating large-scale art at the Burning Man festival. Angelina creates street art and murals locally in L.A. and internationally, and has gained commissions from large brands like Nike and Microsoft.

Example 1 Top Women Street Artists Christina Angelina
Ionic Testing by Christina Angelina

Her work focuses on portraits of strong women, and some of her most moving murals depict women bravely showing vulnerability and compassion. Angelina has been featured in Cosmopolitan and most recently in the Porsche series “Soul”—exploring her connections to her own soul through art.

Lady Pink

Lady Pink has been an icon in the street art scene since 1979 when she started painting subway cars in New York City. Born in Ecuador, the New York-based artist quickly became a fixture in the hip-hop graffiti subculture as one of the only female graffiti artists in the 1980’s.

Example 2 Top Women Street Artists Lady Pink
911 Tribute by Lady Pink

A fierce feminist, Lady Pink has been working with men in the field of street art her entire career and knows how to command respect. She is passionate about community, however, and recently told Vice of street art, “It’s not just a boys club. We have a sisterhood thing going.” Lady Pink’s art has been shown at galleries and museums like the Whitney Museum, the Met in NYC and the Brooklyn Museum.

Example 3 Top Women Street Artists Lady Pink
Wellington Court Project Wall by Lady Pink

Alice Pasquini

Roman artist Alice Pasquini is a muralist and fine artist, as well as an illustrator and set designer. Pasquini’s murals are internationally acclaimed, found on walls and cityscapes from Barcelona to Sydney to New York City. She holds a BFA from the Academy of Fine Arts Roma and an MA in critical art studies from Universidad Computense.

Example 4 Top Women Street Artists Alice Pasquini
Porto Tolle by Alice Pasquini

Pasquini’s work employs found objects as well as traditional street art and centers around feminine vitality, often featuring young women playing, working and exploring. Pasquini has been featured in The New York Times International, The Wall Street Journal, and Vanity.

Example 5 Top Women Street Artists Alice Pasquini

Shamsia Hassani

Shamsia Hassani is the first female Afghani graffiti artist. She is also a lecturer at Kabul University, and holds a BA and MA in art from the university. Hassani’s mural art on the streets of Kabul promotes images of women’s strength, happiness and passion often featuring cultural symbols like burqas. Internationally, Hassani speaks out against war and uses her art to create awareness of women’s rights issues in Afghanistan. She believes in art as “a friendly way to fight.”

Example 5 Top Women Street Artists Shamsia Hassani

Although she has achieved international acclaim, Hassani says, “It is very dangerous for a girl to paint in the streets in Kabul." She told the Huffington Post, "sometimes people come and harass me; they don't think it is allowed in Islam for a woman to stand in the street and do graffiti.”

Example 6 Top Women Street Artists Shamsia Hassani
Kabul Afghanistan Mural by Shamsia Hassani
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