National Gallery of Art

What to Expect When You Visit the National Gallery of Art

What to expect when visiting the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. Follow these tips and guide lines and you will have a great time when you visit this wonderful Art Museum. Right now there are only certain areas that are open to the public. These areas include the Sculpture Garden, First Floor Sculpture Exhibit, Decorative Arts, and the Hall ways of the first floor. The Museum is using timed passes to control the amount of people that are inside the museum for pandemic safety reasons.


Before You Go

  1. Entrance Passes are free and easily acquired on EventBrite. Please be aware that you can only bring up to five people, and you must write down your phone number and zip code along with your guest's full name. Click this link button to get your pass from EventBrite.
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2. You must wear a Mask inside and around the museum at all times.

3. I took Uber down to the Museum and back from the Museum. Honestly, this was due to my own safety concerns. I have seen way to many people in Washington, DC walking around outside without a mask or half a mask. I didn't want to risk being on the metro knowing that there are people that do not take this pandemic seriously. Besides, I was feeling cute that day.

When You Arrive

4. You will be required to cue up in a line that has social distance. The museum has placed little circles on the ground to tell you where to stand to keep the distance. They have staff that will check in and make sure you understand that you must wear a mask at all time. They even have staff at the front door to make sure the line doesn't bunch up.

5. Before you get to security there are two desks with plexiglass to assist with check-ins along with volunteers.

6. Security has changed. You must cue up in line single file while maintain distance. They now are using a metal detector to check your pockets, purses, and bags. Despite making people go through metal detectors, they deem this extra precaution is necessary. So do not - I repeat do not forget about the penny in your pocket like the gentle man in line before me did.

What is Closed?

7. The Garden Cafe is closed for upgrades. I can't wait to see how fancy the plexiglass will get.

8. The Main Gift Shop is closed for now. You will have to go downstairs to get something to eat and drink, and purchase a souvenir.

Getting Around the Museum

9. The escalators are still working. The elevators are limited. And, right now the Museum's wheelchairs are not available.

10. There are hand sanitizer stations that you do not have to touch to activate positioned before stairs, escalators, and rest rooms.

Food and Drink

11. Food is limited to the Gelato station downstairs. You can buy coffee, tea, water, sandwiches, and gelato. Seating is now restricted to three people per table with more spacing between tables.

What You Can See

12. I saw a lot of statues. I am an art fan so when ever I see something I simple am not disappointed. However, I did notice that the small exhibit rooms were off limits.

Did You Feel Safe?

13. Yes I did. The Museum staff have done and continue to keep our health a priority.

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