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Mary Cassatt was an American painter and printmaker (1844 to 1926). Our art tour examines her life, professional contributions, and moxie to take on the establishment. We take an Indepth look at her life spanning from her most pivotal moments.


We begin our art tour in the year of 1868, Cassatt has settled in Paris and has been studying at the École des Beaux-Arts, one of the most prestigious art schools in France. However, she faced significant opposition as a woman in a male-dominated art world, and her work was often rejected by the official Salon exhibitions.

Two Women Seated by a Woodland Stream by Mary Cassatt

Undeterred, Cassatt found inspiration in the works of the Impressionists, a group of artists who were challenging traditional art conventions at the time. She befriended and exhibited alongside notable artists such as Edgar Degas, Édouard Manet, and Berthe Morisot.

In the Box by Mary Cassatt

Cassatt's art primarily focused on domestic and intimate scenes, particularly those involving women and children. Her paintings often captured the everyday lives of women, highlighting their roles as mothers, sisters, and friends. Cassatt's style blended the techniques of Impressionism with her own unique vision, characterized by bold brushwork, delicate color palettes, and a keen attention to light and composition.

Mother Combing Child's Hair by Mary Cassatt

In 1877, Cassatt had her first successful solo exhibition in Paris, which helped establish her reputation as an accomplished artist. She also gained recognition in the United States, exhibiting her works in prominent galleries and art institutions.

Cassatt's career flourished in the following decades. She frequently traveled between Europe and the United States, participating in exhibitions and engaging with fellow artists. She developed a close friendship with Edgar Degas, and their artistic exchange greatly influenced both of their works.

The Fitting by Mary Cassatt

In addition to painting, Cassatt was also an avid printmaker. She experimented with various printmaking techniques, including etching and dry point, and produced a significant body of work in this medium.

Mary Cassatt's contributions to the art world were widely recognized during her lifetime. She became the only American artist to exhibit with the Impressionists in Paris, and her work had a profound impact on American art. She played a crucial role in introducing Impressionism to a broader audience in the United States and influenced subsequent generations of American artists.

Contemplation Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt died on June 14, 1926, in Château de Beaufresne, near Paris, at the age of 82. Her legacy as an influential artist, particularly in the realm of portraying women's lives, continues to resonate in the art world today.

 About Your Guide | Carol Jaime

Carol Jaime

Carol Jaime Furaha has a rich background in and deep love for the fine arts. She studied Art Education at the University of Vermont, where she apprenticed in wood sculpture under the guidance of public artist and sculptor, Paul Ascenbach.

As well, Carol spent some years at the Atlanta College of Art where she majored in wood sculpture and drawing. She is a successful artist with works exhibited in various galleries Miami, Florida, Burlington, and Atlanta.

She has had the honor of serving as tour guide for Art Nexus Magazine at the Art Basel International Art Fair in Miami as well as touring patrons through the former Miami Art Museum in Historical Downtown.

Currently, Carol lives behind the Redwood Curtain in the North Pacific Coast of California with her husband and son. There she runs SoLoved Homeschool which she considers the pinnacle of her success.