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Mary Cassatt Art Tour

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A Pioneering Woman Master Artist Mary Cassatt from Philadelphia to Paris

About the Art Tour

Part 1

On our two-hour virtual art tour, you will discover the life and times of Mary Cassatt as we look at her life from 1868 - 1891, a trailblazing American painter and printmaker who defied conventions. Unveil the essence of her profound artistic contributions and her unyielding determination to challenge the norm. 

Mary Cassatt A Woman Ahead of Her Time: Dive deep into the world of Mary Cassatt, a trailblazing artist who defied conventions in a male-dominated art world.

Embark on a journey into the heart of the Impressionist movement. Explore how Cassatt found inspiration among luminaries like Edgar Degas, Édouard Manet, and Berthe Morisot, breaking barriers and exhibiting alongside them to reshape the art landscape.

Part 2 Two Hours Long

During the later years of her career, Cassatt's style continued to evolve. She increasingly focused on domestic scenes, capturing intimate moments between mothers and children with a tenderness and depth that were unprecedented. These works are characterized by their soft colors, delicate brushwork, and the emotional depth of the subjects. Cassatt's ability to convey the complexity of women's lives and the strength of the maternal bond broke new ground in a genre that had often relegated women to the role of passive subjects.

Experimentation with Printmaking

Cassatt also became deeply involved in printmaking, experimenting with various techniques such as etching, aquatint, and drypoint. Her prints, often inspired by Japanese woodblock prints, showcased her innovative use of perspective and composition. This experimentation not only demonstrated her technical skill but also her willingness to embrace and incorporate non-Western influences into her work, setting her apart from many of her contemporaries.

Advocacy for Women Artists

Beyond her contributions to art through her own creations, Cassatt played a crucial role in advocating for women artists. She used her influence to promote the work of female artists and argued for their inclusion in exhibitions and collections. Her home became a meeting place for young artists, whom she mentored and supported. Cassatt's advocacy extended to her financial support for women's suffrage, reflecting her broader commitment to women's rights and equality.

Challenges and Legacy

Despite her success, Cassatt faced challenges in her later years, including declining health that eventually led her to cease painting. However, her impact on the art world remained profound. Cassatt's work was instrumental in shaping the Impressionist movement and elevating the representation of women and domestic life in art. Her legacy is evident in the recognition she received during her lifetime and posthumously, with her works held in major museums worldwide and continuing to inspire artists and audiences alike.

Our Mary Cassatt Experience is Live.

Delve into Cassatt's signature style, characterized by its focus on domestic scenes and the portrayal of women and children. Experience the resonance of her paintings, which encapsulate the intricate tapestry of everyday life through bold brushwork, delicate palettes, and skillful play of light.

Enriching Conversations Await: Stay for the optional post-tour discussion with our expert. Delve deeper into Mary Cassatt's world, share your insights, and engage in thought-provoking conversations surrounded by her timeless artworks and pictures.

Essential Information for a Seamless Experience with Cassatt's Paintings:

  • This artistic adventure unfolds via Zoom. Ensure you have the Zoom app downloaded on your chosen device.
  • A stable Wi-Fi connection is imperative for uninterrupted immersion.
  • Watch on your computer, tablet, iPhone, or TV for varying degrees of visual splendor.
  • Your Zoom link will be emailed on the morning of the tour. For assistance, reach out to our organizer.
  • Arrive early to troubleshoot any technical concerns, ensuring a glitch-free journey.
  • Need to reschedule? Email us in advance to transfer your ticket to a preferred date.

Experience Cassatt in Real-Time: Please note that our tours are live and not recorded, respecting the copyrights of the showcased artworks. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of Cassatt's creations and discover the depth of her art through exquisite pictures.

Elevate your artistic awareness with this unparalleled virtual encounter. Reserve your spot now for a transformative journey through the artistic tapestries of Cassatt's world, enriched with captivating images of his artistry.

Two Women Seated by a Woodland Stream From Mary Cassatt Art Tour Street Art Museum Tours

Two women at the Opera looking at the stage with opera glasses From Mary Cassatt Art Tour Street Art Museum Tours

Mother Combing Child's Hair From Mary Cassatt Art Tour Street Art Museum Tours

Women working on the hem of a dress in a fitting room From Mary Cassatt Art Tour Street Art Museum Tours

Portrait of young lady From Mary Cassatt Art Tour Street Art Museum Tours

About Your Art Tour Guide Rebeca Navarro

Rebeca Navarro Photo
Rebeca is a proud Latina who holds an MA in Contemporary Art and the Market from Christie’s Education, NY, and an MA in Museology from Instituto Iberoamericano de Museología, Spain. After experiencing the auction world at Christie’s New York as an intern in the photographs department, she worked at The Creativity Lab at MoMA, where she discussed the artworks with visitors of the museum. She worked as Head of Visitor Engagement at a kunsthalle in Brooklyn, where she gave tours about conceptual art every weekend, and is a creator of content for her podcast Arte INclusivo-Inclusive Art. She enjoys public speaking and is excited to engage with diverse audiences on the next tour! 

About Your Art Tour Guide Shayla Croteau

Shayla Croteau

Shayla holds an MA in Art History from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, where she specialized in Renaissance and Baroque art. Prior to graduate school, she studied in Michigan State University’s Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, where she became passionate about museum studies and civic engagement. Today, she has returned to Michigan and works as the Art Registrar and an Educator at the Michigan State Capitol Building. In her free time, Shayla enjoys studying languages, hot yoga, and spending time with her two cats. 

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  • Affordable Access

    In today's digital age, virtual visits offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional travel, especially when it comes to exploring international art collections. Traveling to a physical location, particularly overseas, can be a significant financial undertaking. Between airfare, accommodation, and other travel-related expenses, the costs can quickly add up. Moreover, gaining access to some of the world's most renowned art collections can come with a hefty price tag, sometimes amounting to hundreds before entering the building. Beyond the monetary considerations, there's also the unpredictability of the art world. Imagine making the journey only to discover that the specific piece or artist's work you were eager to see is temporarily on loan to another institution. Such scenarios can be disappointing, to say the least. Recognizing these challenges, we have taken the initiative to compile a diverse range of paintings from various sources. Our digital collections ensure that art enthusiasts can access and enjoy these masterpieces without the constraints of geography, cost, or availability.

  • Our People Are One of A Kind

    Our guides are not just casual enthusiasts; they are dedicated professionals who have invested significant time and effort in educational institutions to hone their skills and knowledge. As art historians, they have delved deep into the intricacies of art history, ensuring that they are not only well-versed but also influential voices in their field. Their passion for art is evident in their obsession with renowned artists, many of whom might be your favorites. They don't just study these artists; they immerse themselves in their works, stories, and legacies. This dedication and enthusiasm translate into engaging conversations when they discuss our collection of paintings. When you interact with our guides, you're not just getting a tour; you're getting a rich, informative, and passionate discourse on art.

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